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A new line of shirts that let you express your love for your favorite strain without screaming to the world that you smoke weed. Discreet but funny and colorful love for your favorite plant.

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About Random Pixel

Hi, my name is Chris White and Random Pixel is my personal brand. As a designer, writer, developer, stay at home dad and husband of 20 years, I decided to take my personal brand to someplace fun, hence the t-shirts and fiction. Fiction? Yes, I said fiction. As a goal of mine is to publish fiction novels, the blog for Random Pixel is dedicated to my musings - mostly fiction with a little opinion thrown in.
The shirts are all my own designs unless otherwise noted, and all of them are exclusive to Random Pixel. You can't get them anywhere else. Feel free to leave comments on the designs or blog posts - I will reply! Let me know what type of designs you would like to see or what kind of short stories you like, this site is for you and your enjoyment.
If you are a designer and would like to contribute a design to Random Pixel, I offer $7/per shirt sold - better than you will find pretty much anywhere. The catch? The design has to be exclusive to Random Pixel for 90 days. You will retain rights to artwork. To submit, send a mockup to cwhite.rp@gmail.com.
Have a short story you want to tell as a guest blogger? Submit to cwhite.rp@gmail.com.

Need a shirt designed?

Have an awesome idea and no design skills? Want a unique shirt for your office party, family outing or favorite team? Would you like coaching for your t-shirt campaigns? Contact me!