So… Making the move to put my t-shirt design stuff out there for sale was a big move. Nevermind the fact that I’m a professional designer – that’s website stuff. I’m good at user interface and making it a place people like to visit. I don’t necessarily think that translates into success when you decide you want to design t-shirts.
The market is saturated and new people jump in every day. So why did I decide, not only to put my stuff out there, but launch my own site where I exclusively sell my own designs? Ho Lee, Crap. I can tell you it’s nerve wracking. What it isn’t is boring.
It ‘s fun. Designing interesting and funny little pieces of art is the most fun I’ve had doing anything. I can draw for 10 hours straight doing these things. Now for the part that matters… Will people buy them? Am I waving in the wind? Only time and effort in the marketing department will tell if I have what it takes to be a t-shirt design magnate (he said laughingly).
In the mean time, feel free to drop by the shop – I’m adding new designs almost daily! Thanks for your support and comment with anything you can think of!

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